Monday, 9 October 2017

Priest to the Temple

The Church is a living temple to the glory of God
It is first and foremost something that looks like family
but never a family business.

It is not a process but a procession
blown by the breath of the proceeding Spirit of God

It is a procession of self emptying
or it is full only of itself

It is a procession meeting around the Holy Table
or it is consuming itself

It is procession where each and every person can be what they were made
or it is the fabricator of clones

The self Church wants success and gets it
The consumer Church wants numbers and get them
The clone Church makes people like itself in but hurts many on the way
and never notices

The Temple Church is a space in which people come and go
a place of welcome and unconditional acceptance
where 'numbers' is simply a book in the Pentateuch

and love bumbles as only love can
in the healing space of shared time

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