Tuesday, 3 October 2017

October 2017

October promoted by the sleight of time's hand
the key now minor as autumn falls around us
in the folding leaves
filing away the story of the year

Spring and autumn so easily confused
in the balance of equinox
storms hot and cold in sun and and wind
so much the same

So too are the springs and autumns of the Church's rhythm in history
This is the autumn of the Church
that some desperately want to call spring

Calling out the warms and chills as signs of a Lent
when in truth we watch
the end

A Church which cannot celebrate endings has no gospel worthy of the name

Death and resurrection stubbornly in that order
are the bread and wine of our stock in trade

Christ drinks the new vintage
only after the harvest
the cropping
the pressing
fermenting of death

The people of God
the Body of Christ
must learn to rejoice in endings
so that the New
can rise up

Autumn is calling and winter responds

And we must fall with the leaves and find the goodness of God
in the very dark of days
in the damp chill of our hibernation

The long wait that is the gestation of the Spirit

There will be spring

But not yet

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